About Us
About Our Business
Your Pet Sitters are owned and operated by the
Gerben family of Severn,Maryland.

Cherie Gerben has experience both professionally
and personally caring for a wide variety of animals.  
They have a special interest in timid or aggressive
pets that other sitters have turned away.

The family currently owns several adopted dogs,
which we could not even begin to tell you exactly
what breed they are, a kitten, and two hamsters.
They are always on the look-out for a new addition to
the family!

They are avid readers of many pet journals, books,
web sites and messages boards.   Both have access
to a variety of resources for finding answers to all
your pet concerns.

Rest assured that your pets are in capable hands.

We will love, cuddle and spoil your pets
while you are away!
Phone: 410-412-6070        | Email: info@waggingtailspetservice.com