Wagging Tails Pet Service
Caring for your pets!
Let me play while you are
    As Your Pet Sitters, we understand how
    much caring pet owners do for their
    pets.  You can’t always take your pet
    with you on trips or to your workplace,
    but you can keep your pets together in
    their own comfortable, clean, safe home.
    Our schedule is always flexible so we
    can accommodate your pets needs and
    coordinate everything to fit your

  • Reduced stress:  Your pet
    stays where it feels most
    comfortable and secure - at
    home.  With familiar sights,
    sounds, smells, and routines
    your pet can relax and follow its
    regular schedule.

  • No “travel” trauma.

  • Minimal exposure to the
    illnesses of other animals.

  • Personal attention:  Your pet
    will be pampered by a reliable
    professional who will walk and
    play with your pets and give
    them all of the love and affection
    that they can handle!

  • Free initial consultation in your

  • No worrying about taxiing your
    pet while you are busy with work
    or travel planning.

  • Discrete Service:  Wagging Tails
    strives to keep your home exactly as
    you left it.

  • Special Services:  Your service
    includes watering plants, retrieving
    mail, taking out garbage, and more.

  • Affordability:  All your pets stay
    together for one low per visit (not
    per pet) rate.
Phone: 410-412-6070        | Email: info@waggingtailspetservice.com